Hello everybody!

We’ve reached the tenth blog. Wow, time does fly. Sometimes it seems as if my day just consists of writing blogs and lying in bed, because the time in between flies. Ah well, let’s just go to the daily business.

Today I had class at one, so I did not have to get up pretty early or so. I did wake up around six again after which I did not actually sleep a lot anymore, but more just dozed off every now and then, as always, but I just stayed in bed, because I had to get up at six during the school year once too often to be still doing that deliberately.

After I got up I first went to the supermarket, which sometimes has to happen as well. It’s quite important. And it was a nice walk at the same time. I do like some fresh air once I got up. At the supermarket the guard stared at me for a while, I don’t know why, I didn’t feel particularly comfortable about it, but he did not say anything or so, so I guess he was just bored or so. I don’t know. Russians, sometimes I simply don’t get them.

Back home I just did a little bit of everything and nothing until it was time to go to class, which was as always very interesting. We started out in the small classroom, the closet, but during the break Will offered us to sit in his bedroom (the bedrooms are used as classrooms sometimes) because he wouldn’t be home for a while anyway. So, the second part of class was in a room that was a little more spacy and it had a window.

About class, we first talked about economics, which was as always very interesting. Not only is it an interesting topic to talk about during these times, but it is especially interesting because there are a lot of difficult words, because it is specific terminology and so I can learn a lot. I don’t know most of these words yet. We did not talk about the current economic situation much. We just mainly read texts to get used to the words and we also did a couple of listening exercises to get used to the sound of the words. So, this was a different way of working we had today, but it was very interesting and especially very useful.

We also talked about men and how they always want to be right, like they do not like to ask someone for the way to somewhere and that kind of stuff. Two woman, of course we focus on men. I’m quite sure if two men had had this conversation it would have been about how women always want to be right. Anyway, this was fun to talk about and it was especially to learn to use certain expressions. We also just talked about characteristics of Belgians and Russians and what we are like. So, again very interesting subjects because of the differences between two countries. It was also nice that Maria also said which characteristics she thinks Belgians have. It was interesting to hear what image foreigners have about Belgians. Everything she said seemed legit, but I can’t think of an example right now. If it comes back I’ll add it. Yeah, this part was kind of battle of the sexes, but we were really kind and did not always say the men were bad. We also were critical for our own sex, but we did win of course 😉

We also watched part of an animated movie based on one of the fairy tales I read for this class. It was drawn in the 1950s and the drawings were so beautiful and detailed. It’s quite amazing. It’s really a pity that hand-drawn animated movies aren’t made any more these days. It’s really an art that has been lost. Anyway, it was nice to see, but as it was quite long we only saw a part of it and not the entire movie. Maybe we’ll watch some more of it later on. For me this was a good practice because a lot of verbs of movement were used and by hearing them being used you learn to understand their use better as well and so it helps you to use them yourself later on as well. She has a bunch of other stuff we can watch, so hopefully we’ll do that every now and then during this course week.

After class I immediately went to the centre of town. One thing I’ve learned about conductors today is that they are not always older women and sometimes older men. Today it was a pretty young guy who was conductor in the bus. I was surprised. I at first did not notice he was the conductor, but well… We also had a lost passenger on board of the bus: a sparrow. There were barely any people on the bus (the conductor, a man and I) so the conductor tried to catch it, which wasn’t easy at all. But, eventually he got it and let it out through the window.

Once I was in the centre of the city I waited for Miriam to get back from her excursion today and then we went to a theatre close by to buy tickets for a performance. We both wanted to see the same production, but neither of us knew whether there were still tickets available, so we just went there and asked. Well, I asked as Miriam does not speak that much Russian yet. Well, now I’ve had the experience of buying theatre tickets in Russian as well. It went quiet fluently. I understood what the women at the box office said and she understood what I said. There were still tickets available and all in all it went quiet fluently. Hooray! I’m getting really good at Russian!

Anyway, I’m absolutely really happy now, well, that’s about the understatement of the year, I’m totally crazy of happiness. Because, the production were going to see is the one and only ‘Bal Vampirov’, better known in Belgium as ‘Dans der Vampieren’. People at home who know me know that I have what some might call an obsession with this musical since I saw it in Belgium, because I just adore this musical so much. I am so happy that I’m going to be able to see it again. And I’m quite curious to see what it’s like in Russian. The performance should be pretty much the same, but I would like to see about the lyrics (if I’m going to understand them, that is). Because, Dutch and German are languages that resemble each other quite a lot, but Russian is entirely different. Anyway, I know the musical by heart so it should be nice for me either way. I’m just happy I’m going to see it again. It’s brilliant. I’m goddamn going to BAL VAMPIROV!

For those who care to know: It’s on Wednesday. I just still can’t believe it. When it comes to this musical fate is really on my side. The only reason I could see it in Belgium was because I had trouble with my visa and now again it just happens to play again in the period I’m here. It only plays from 20 July to 5 August, so it’s really sheer luck. I thought this production had ended in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg already, as it played somewhere in 2011, but now it just happens to play while I’m here as well. I’m telling you, fate is on my side on this one!

So, after we got our tickets we went back home and there I just relaxed some more. Then I came to the terribly late discovery that I still had to make my homework, so I did that then, because it is quite important. I do not want to disappoint Maria. Though, there was one exercise I did not really understand, so I did not do that and I’ll just ask her tomorrow what I have to do and make it for Wednesday then. There’s not much use in trying to do an exercise while you don’t really understand what to do. In the meantime I helped Camille a little with her Russian. She had a couple of questions about pronunciation and well I can help with that, so that’s what I did.

And then we all ate together, chatted, laughed, it was fun. I’m so happy to have such a bunch of great people around me. It’s so great.

Well, tomorrow will be quite a busy day again and I think I’ll be talking quite some Russian again. I have class at eleven thirty o’clock tomorrow, so that will be speaking Russian again. After class I have a private session with Sasha, so I guess we will be speaking Russian as well, because we always do. I see no reason to change that now. And after that private session I’m meeting up with my pen pal Vera again and the plan is to speak Russian than as well. It’s going to be a great day, though, that’s for sure. I’m looking forward to it already.

When e-mailing Vera I again notice that I’m more comfortable speaking (or in this case typing) Russian. I just do it and I can find my words so much more easily than I did before I came on this course. Before I just had to think very hard to find my words and if I couldn’t I’d just switch to English. Now I just type and it’s there, in Russian, before I even fully realise it. This is absolutely awesome!

The weather today wasn’t really great. It wasn’t really cold, but it was a whole lot colder compared to yesterday. I think we barely reached twenty degrees today. And there was no sun, well there was, but it’s not even worth mentioning. It just mainly rained and when it didn’t rain it was cloudy. But, I don’t really care if it rains. I love this city so much anyway, rain or no rain does not change that and the fact that I absolutely not care about the rain says quite a lot I think.

And that’s all folks!