Hello everyone!

Welcome to my last blog, at least for a while.

As I didn’t really sleep this night for me this blog is kind of linked to the last one. So, let’s move one where I stopped the other one: I was lying on my bed.

Around eleven the cleaning lady arrived and I realised I had to start packing my luggage, which I did. Luckily, that wasn’t much work. I had not unpacked most of the stuff so it was just packing the other stuff and checking whether I hadn’t forgot anything.

Then we sat in the kitchen for a while so the cleaning lady could clean our room and then we went back to the room because she wanted to clean the kitchen. And then, at around a quarter past twelve the bell rang. My driver had arrived and so I said goodbye to Camille and Thomas and left.

The drive to the airport went really well. We got there by one o’clock, so I was very much in time. I could check-in at the automats, but I had to wait for over an hour before the baggage drop off counter for Düsseldorf opened, so I just sat there reading a little, but basically doing nothing.

Then I dropped off my luggage and because I had no idea how big this airport is (not really big, that much I knew, but who knows where the gates are?) I just went through passport control and apparently that was all I had to do to get to my gate, which was situated just at the end of the first stairs I came across. So, I sat there for a while, because the gate was still occupied for the flight to Warsaw which was not the flight I needed.

Then the gate opened for passengers to Düsseldorf and I went through customs and sat down there for a while until boarding could get started.

The plane left in time and then I left this beautiful city for god knows how long. I hope I will return here soon. Really, going back to Moscow is not my priority anymore. Going back to Saint-Petersburg is!

We got food quite soon after we had taken off and it was good. Some kind of meat with vegetables and potatoes. Am I the only person who actually likes airplane food? I think it’s quite good. And then I slept, because for some reason that I have totally no idea of what it could be I was tired (could it be not sleeping at all?).

And then, at five o’clock, the airplane landed. I had to go through passport control one last time and my luggage arrived quickly as well and then to those three people that were waiting there for me with their plate (on the iPad) saying ‘Sacha Huynen’. Maybe they thought I would not recognise then anymore after two weeks, who knows.

And then it was back home, eating fries, eating ice cream, unpacking, relaxing a little and then off to bed.

I’ve had an amazing time in Saint-Petersburg. It was great and I already miss this wonderful city and the wonderful people I met there. I really hope we’ll all meet again!

As for the organisation: I’m very happy I chose for this organisation, Russisch in Rusland, because they do a wonderful job. Detailed information that always comes on time and wonderful people who make this to an amazing experience and who absolutely know what they’re doing. The teachers are wonderful people and really know what they’re doing and they are all so friendly. Really, I’ve had a great time and that’s part the city, part the people who did this course as well, but a great part is thanks to the people behind this organisation because they immediately made me feel at home in Saint-Petersburg and my teacher has taught me to speak fluent Russian in two weeks, which I’m massively grateful for, because I know feel like I deserve the diploma of translator English and Russian and before I went to Saint-Petersburg I only felt I deserved the title translator English. I’m so happy I did this. It was just amazing. Thank you everyone for this amazing experience!

See you soon!

До скорого!